A little humor is needed

I’ve been blogging for about 10 years now. It started from the encouragement of my sons after the rare brain tumor diagnosis (acoustic neuroma). The purpose of the blog content is to give others some hope and encouragement.

I’ve connected with a lot of great people over the years, because of the blog, and they appreciate the authenticity and occasional humor. The appreciation is reciprocal.

Now some people ask how much money is made from the blog. They obviously aren’t familiar with what I write and share. It’s not about money from my perspective. The goal is to connect and help each other. I understand that some people make money from sponsorship’s and that’s fine.

What I find even funnier is that some companies have reached out recently … they want to help me become an influencer on Instagram…and I’ve been ignoring the emails. There’s also a fee related to that service (noted in the disclaimer). You guys know I’m not into boog-ee things or glamour.

Then an idea popped up in my head while running this morning!!

I should model with some products that are regularly used by many women in my age group. Below are three products that are used on a regular basis from yours truly. Bonus – I’m wearing a T-shirt with the ANA logo (Acoustic Neuroma Association).

Flonase – perfect for seasonal allergies. My allergies have gotten worse over the years and 1 squirt a day during Ragweed season is so helpful!


BioFreeze – relief for muscle or joint pain. I have some scar tissue from cancer treatments in the past.

This stuff works like magic!


Systane eye drops – for dry eyes. Did you know being menopausal can make your eyes drier?

Systane to the rescue!


What are products you recommend? You can send me some pics. 🙂

Any feedback is appreciated!


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