Barbie at 50

I’ve seen a lot of funny middle-age Barbie images, but this one really made me laugh!

It’s also not so funny because a lot of people end up this way because of not so good lifestyle habits. It definitely is a challenge to exercise and eat right based on our never-stop-working and multi-tasking culture. We are so tired at the end of day, we end up sitting on the couch, sedentary, and snacking.

My kids think I am ancient even though I’m not quite 50 yet. And sometimes I come across as knowing it all – ha – but asked for help after some health issues over 4 years ago. Meeting with a doctor that specialized in nutrition and chronic diseases was one of the best things to ever happen to me. He helped me prioritize and held me accountable; and that’s what I needed. This experience led me to study integrative medicine and now I’m a certified health coach.

Based on Barbie’s pic above, she’s a great candidate for diabetes, cancer, and/or heart disease. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help either.


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