Bike training like Brigitte Bardot, oui!

Spring is the beginning of the racing season, and that includes bike races such as duathlons and triathlons. Have you signed up for something new to try this Spring season? My first duathlon is next month and my training has been rather weak regarding the bike portion.

I really like this picture of Brigitte Bardot (BB). It’s not the typical image you would find of her on the internet either. I probably like it so much because that image shows how I prefer to ride a bike. Taking my time and enjoying the day.

Why did I sign up for this race? The upcoming duathlon (5K run, 19mile bike ride, then another 5K run) is a challenge at any age. This will be my first race in the master’s group (45+), which is the polite way of saying “old people” group. This will also be my first competition since my brain tumor diagnosis and subsequent radiation treatment in 2009. Going through something like that makes you want to experience as much as possible.

On a side note…my American father married a french woman, my mother. And I remember when he told me I was named after Ms. Bardot. By the way, my father was the one who called me Little BeBe.

Me souhaiter bonne chance! (Wish me luck!)


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