Dial it back a notch (or two)

There are random stacks of books just like this at my home because books are important to me. No need to apologize if you do too.

There is a lot of noise out there.

Many people feel overwhelmed (or stressed) by the amount of “information” and opinions available on different platforms. There is so much of it now, a lot of it is conflicting, so it basically becomes noise.

Our natural instinct is to ignore stuff like that, tune it out and not respond. This can affect what you focus on.

Mixed in with all that noise are important things; things that we are probably ignoring or tuning out. And not responding or recognizing something that is important can trigger apathy.

Apathy is not a good solution. How should you deal with this noise? If something is stressing you out or making you feel overwhelmed, I recommend to “dial it back” on what you’re exposed to so you can focus better.

The definition of “dial it back” means to reduce the strength or intensity of something.

This intensity can have negative effects on your health. You know I like to focus on health (which is a broad subject) because that is the foundation of your life…it entails emotional health, physical health, and mental health (mind, body, spirit). The importance of each health aspect is up to you. Once you understand how you define “it,” you need to pay attention because “it” will affect your quality of life and what you want to accomplish.

When I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I can’t focus, and the feisty side of Brigitte might come out in a negative way. The positive aspect of my feisty-ness should be used for the good of mankind instead, right?

I don’t watch much TV, especially the news at all now (was never a fan) and have reduced interaction on social media platforms. Instead, I continue to read a lot from a variety of sources, enjoy listening to music, and prefer interacting with others in person (face-to-face).

These small changes provides an opportunity to experience empathy, be open to learning new things, view different perspectives, and help understand what’s important out there.

Dialing it back a notch or two will help you focus on what is important to you.

What do you need to dial back on?


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