It's not just the calories…

It’s good to know that McDonald’s is going publish the caloric content of their menu items starting next week. They have even created a friendly app for you to download later this year! (sarcasm)

Per the New York Times, some 750,000 of McDonald’s employees will be able to participate in an e-learning program about nutrition, calories and the company’s menu to help them answer customers’ questions.

I have to give them credit for staying ahead of the competition and reinventing themselves for our modern lifestyle. McDonald’s is mainly doing this because the federal government has mandated restaurants let consumers know the caloric content. Only time will tell if this will have an effect on consumer behavior to make a difference.

But it’s not just the calories. A calorie from a french fry is not the same as the calorie from an apple slice. There’s a bit of nutritional variance there…


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