Let yourself rest

Rest is a need.

In reality, everyone needs a break … to rest …even those of us who thrive on being busy and enjoy what we do. I consider myself a Type-A person with a lot of energy and ideas. But I realize it’s important to recharge on a regular basis; this applies no matter your personality type.

Don’t ignore it or resist it. When you rest, this allows you to recharge, reflect and integrate experiences and actually learn from them. And it’s not only about taking vacation somewhere. (You can reference my article Isn’t it time for an intermission from your normal, daily life?)

How we choose to “rest” is different for everyone. A lot of people prefer doing something creative (draw, paint, write), knitting, listening to music, take a bubble bath, etc. (I still love bubble baths!)

My preference is to do something on a daily basis outside (like walking or running), a little bit of yoga, write, read, and make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep each day. I function so much better by doing this.

We all have a lot going on with our lives and with the holidays upon us, I recommend you squeeze in a little downtime for you.

Make time for it. Plan it. Create a rhythm with it.

When you think about rest, where do you find it?

P.S. Here is the audio link to my recent podcast interview with Hitched Magazine. Episode #510 with me is about Keys to a Fulfilling Marriage.  This year is our 30th anniversary.  (30 years? How did that happen?!)

Side note: I was hesitant to share this audio because I unexpectedly cried when asked about how my cancer diagnosis affected our marriage. The cry was a good/grateful response. 


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