Life with dogs

I can’t imagine what my days would be like without my dogs. My very first memories, and favorite memories, usually include one of my dogs.

We have a great connection and dogs make me feel at peace when they are around. My husband has jokingly said before that I like dogs more than people. I respond that they never let you down. Maybe my connection has a lot to do with the absence of my real dad growing up.

Dr. Andrew Weil published a blog post today how owning dogs was life changing for him. They are what made him stop and appreciate life more. He admitted having dealt with depression for most of his younger adult life. A good friend gave him a puppy for his 40th birthday and the depression subsided. Dr. Weil has been hooked ever since.

My husband, Carl, gained a pet when we married. It wasn’t just me that moved in; it was me and my dog, Gina the black lab. He eventually became a dog fan too and dogs are ingrained into our family lifestyle. My children have always interacted with our dogs since they were born. Daily walks, boat rides, swimming, chasing each other, big hikes, and big hugs. Unconditional love.

Support your local shelter or Humane Society. The little guys need it.



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