Make a difference and give back – start the habit early

What would our cities, parks, schools, and churches look like? What opportunities to grow, learn, and thrive as a society would be lost? What basic needs would go unmet? Sure I give money to non-profit organizations that interest me, but don’t give enough of my time really and I want to change that.

Since volunteering is a big part of our society, it is easier to describe the difference that volunteers make by imagining our environment where nobody volunteered:

* social and leisure activities would be affected. There would be no sporting events or athletics (like the Little League), no Nascar racing or Olympic Games without the input of volunteer coaches and organizers;

* there would be no music events or festivals without volunteer fundraisers or organizers;

* there would be little medical research or advice and support to people with specific problems;

* people would die without volunteer firefighters, cave and/or mountain rescue teams, and the American Red Cross;

* our health service would be significantly impacted without donations from volunteer-organized activities and community volunteers to help discharged patients or those coming into a hospital;

* much of the landscape, wildlife and areas of natural beauty would suffer neglect;

* more animals would die at shelters – volunteers walk dogs, pet cats, clean cages, help with adoptions and feedings, and contribute veterinary knowledge to animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centers;

* many older, disabled and vulnerable people would be isolated and lonely.

These are just a few examples! You can really have an impact on the community around you, as well as making your own life more fulfilled and rewarding. Find something that interests you and start the habit. These guys are calling my name.


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