Problems are opportunities

A lot of times we get stuck when solving a problem because of our limiting thoughts or the way we frame the situation in our mind. Sometimes we just ignore the problem. That’s an easy solution, right?

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Each of us deal with problems everyday. The key is focusing on the right method that works for you to help solve a problem or to get unstuck.

I had a great conversation with Tami Green on the latest Real Things Living podcast. Tami is a Life Coach with a focus on helping others get unstuck to include those with a mental health issue.

Tami became a life coach long time ago, over 10 years ago (before being a life coach was cool), after dealing with mental health issues herself. Tami shared that she attempted suicide three different times when younger. This was an unexpected disclosure but she felt safe sharing that.

The biggest takeaway for me is that vulnerability allows you to believe in yourself.

She developed the “Brilliance Code” after a lot of research and is writing a book now about it. The Brilliance Code is a method that can be applied to any problem and can be simply summarized as PIRF.

  • Identify the PROBLEM
  • Focus on the FUTURE

Following this “code” allows you to re-frame a situation to make a better decision.

She used me as an example to apply her PIRF method.

  • My problem was dealing with cancer again (in 2014) and didn’t know how to move forward with a purpose.
  • My goal was to be there for my sons and they inspired me to continue blogging (started in 2010). Other connections inspired me to start a podcast.
  • I then sought out resources on how to make the podcast a reality and continue blogging.
  • This type of content, these stories, inspire others which helps me focus on the future.

We also focused a lot on the word “hope” – which is self-explanatory, right? Hope is one of my favorite inspirational words. I also love that Tami kept highlighting that the word “brilliance” has a double meaning … meaning you are bright and this brightness shines a light on what’s important.

I recommended you check out the conversation on YouTube.  The plan is to start sharing videos for the podcast, not just the audio. 

Can I ask a favor? Can you subscribe to the Real Things Living YouTube channel? Doing so is an opportunity to help reach more people … 100 subscribers are needed in order for Real Things Living to have a unique URL on YouTube. 

You can learn more about Tami and connect with her at


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