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It’s back to school and Fall is just around the corner…this time of year can sometimes feel like chaos! This is a great time to reset so you can thrive going into the new school year.

I’m excited to let you know about the Reset & Thrive Library: Comprised of over 40 resources specifically selected to help individuals and families get organized, create balance and improve their health for fall and a new academic season!

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The organizers of this Library, the Paleo Parents, have learned from over 5 years of healthy living, what tools people need for success. This bundle is sized just right to not overwhelm. It is broken into separate categories so that you can determine how to prioritize where you want to start.

Below is a list of the titles available and the authors. I’m personally going to check these out and give feedback on my favorites.

Section Graphics, For in the Kitchen, The Cookbooks
For the Kitchen: The Cookbooks
Fearless Sauerkraut Recipes, Sarah Ramsden
Make it Merry: A Healthy Cookbook, Carla & Emma Papas
7 Steps to Better Grain-Free Baking, Kelly Smith
And Here We Are At the Table, Ariana Mullins
Health Happiness Paleo, Leslie Auman & Chelsea Gold
Paleo Desserts for Dummies, Adriana Harlan
The Healthy Breakfast E-Cookbook, Davida Real
Food Recipes, Kelly Brozyna
Paleo in a Pinch, Sarah Al-Khayyal
Modern Paleo Holiday Cuisine, Alanna Figueira
Family Feast eBook, Cassandra Garcia
Salads without Grain, Hayley Ryczek
Paleo to Go, Stacy Toth & Matthew McCarry

Section Graphics, For Planning & Strategizing
For Planning: The Tools & Tips for Balance
Holistic Jump Start, Caitlin Weeks
The Gratitude Workbook, Nicole Pittman
Bite Size Paleo, Kelly Bejelly
Full Plate: Nourishing Your Family’s Whole Health in a Busy World, Sarah Kolman
The No Brainer Wardrobe, Hayley Morgan
Clean & Colorful Cooking and September Jumpstart Grid, Ashely Reeves
Simplify, Abby Lawson
Self Care for Self Love, Summer Innanen
Once a Month Meals, Kelly Seaton
The Wild Diet Shopping Guide, Abel James
The Ancestral Blueprint’s Guide to Sleep Troubleshooting for All Ages, Dr. Natcha Maithai
Fall Watercolor Planning Printables, Caroline Potter
Go to Bed, Sarah Ballantyne

For Strategizing: The Health Game-Changers
Unprocessed Living, Cindy Santa Ana
Paleo Made Easy, Sylvie McCracken
The Empowered Mother, Cara Comini
The Kitchen Workout, Natalie Wright
Weight Loss Unlocked, Stefani Ruper
The Dietary Cure for Acne, Dr. Loren Cordain
Beauty’s Dirty Secret, Trina Felber
Mind & Body Balancing: A Guide to Counteract Inflammation Through Food & Lifestyle, Kari Owens
Kick Pain in the Kitchen, Barbara Searles

Section Graphics, For the Kiddos
For the Kiddos
Little Paleo Big Wins, Jennifer Robins
Baby’s First Foods, Rochelle Serna
Teacher’s Notebook Packet, Carisa Hinson
Kids’ Bundle, Emily Chapelle
MOMables, Laura Fuentes

Get organized. Get well. Be the change you wish to see.

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