Simple ways to spark inspiration

At the beginning of the year, people like to set resolutions for changes and to reach certain goals. We need to spark inspiration along the way to help us reach them, right?

Inspiration is about enthusiasm. It’s the excitement of your mind or emotion to a high level of feeling or activity.  A lot of people use the word inspiration and motivation interchangeably, but they’re actually two different things. Inspiration is about sparking your energy when you’re going to do something.

To me, inspiration is a way to wake your mind up. There are a lot of different things that inspire me, so I narrowed it down to just three.

The first one is getting outside in nature. That definitely provides inspiration. I make time to do this because I believe it’s worth it. Being outside in nature can be simple, like just looking at your backyard and being in the moment.  Here are some examples of what I like do:

  • Going for boat rides in the Spring and Summer; we’re fortunate to live by the Lake and do this regularly. We chose this area to live because it supports the lifestyle we wanted.
  • I love to look at the sunset whenever possible. It’s a great way to end the day and helps express gratitude.
  • I love to make time to go walk in the woods or to go hiking. Nature is so calming to me.

The second thing that inspires me is to be involved in something creative.

  • Writing requires some creativity; writing is probably therapeutic as well and not just inspirational.
  • I love to cook. Cooking is something creative too. And I get a lot of inspiration from cooking because I think, “I’m going to feed my family or my friends.”
  • Try a new creative art form because that also sparks using a different part of your brain.
    • For me, painting is the opposite of writing and that should be something to try again. 
    • I get inspired when I see my friends post pictures on Facebook of the paintings they’ve created. Seeing what they’re doing is inspirational.
    • As a side note, ask your friends about their creative projects. Just listening to them, their enthusiasm about it, can spark ideas and inspiration for you. It’s really that simple.

The third thing for me that I do to spark inspiration is to read in general. Reading definitely inspires me. 

  • It could be reading an autobiography of someone that I admire. I learn a lot more about that person and it inspires me to be more like them.
  • Another reading form could be going to your favorite blogger’s site and reading inspirational posts that they put out there. One of the favorite posts I like to read are by Dr. Mark Hyman.  He’s not specifically a blogger, but he writes very inspirational stuff with a focus on health and wellness, which is an important topic to me. 
  • Another form I suggest is reading a classic novel. The definition of “classic” probably means something different to everybody. A classic novel is fiction writing to me. There are a lot of great books available.
    • You can Google “classic novels” to find a list to see what’s out there. There is a great list on GoodReads. “To kill a Mockingbird” is first on that list and is one of my favorite classic books. Another fiction book that I love is “The Book Thief.”
    • When I read fiction content, it definitely sparks inspiration in me and I have more creative ideas. 


I created a short video on some simple ways to spark inspiration when needed.


To sum it up for the 3 things that inspire me:

  • getting outside in nature.
  • be involved in something creative.
  • just read in general, whatever things that you like to read. 

I would love to hear back from you on what you do to create inspiration.  


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