The year of resilience

Sometimes it takes something unexpected to challenge us to change.

There’s no denying that the challenges of 2020 tested our resilience and made an impact on our routines. This was also an opportunity to pause, look inward, and make important changes to the way we work and live.

It’s those small habits and rituals that we adapt to that protect our well-being – physical and mental. I’ve always been an avid exerciser – mostly trail walking, hiking, and running – and continue to do one of these things every day.

We didn’t make any huge changes to our lifestyle but did amplify journaling, more yoga, and incorporated at-home weight training since the gyms were closed earlier in 2020.

Bonus points:

  • I’m thankful for my Apple Watch which keeps track of miles, steps, and calories.
  • I noticed that our neighbors were outside more too. Which is awesome.
  • I have used Zoom a lot more to connect with others – it’s wonderful to see faces and not just email or talk on the phone.
  • My podcast has grown and getting positive feedback. (there was a time in early 2020 when I wanted to stop.)

Which habits did you add or remove this year? Any healthy habits you recommend to others?

I also created a short video for you – The year of resilience.



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