When it’s your turn

My background has been in the graphic arts industry for 25+ years and have helped countless publishers, non-profits, authors, and corporations (big and small) with their publications and media solutions.

My focus now is with solutions consulting and health advocacy, and incorporating some effort for my content.

This blog has been up since 2010 from the encouragement of my son’s to even start one. Since my last cancer diagnosis in 2014, I was inspired to write and publish my own books after reading Seth Godin’s book What to do when it’s Your Turn.

For the first book, Real Things: 6 Ways to Embrace Life, it was a simple reflection about how to embrace life after dealing with something like cancer. Cancer is something you don’t plan for, you are hit from the side, you get knocked down, and find a way to pull yourself up by focusing on what’s important to you. You learn to be grateful for what you have.

I was invited to present Real Things at a conference in New York City. The conference was for IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) students held at the Lincoln Jazz Center. And the physical copy of my book arrived just in time from the printer! Literally one day before my flight to New York…

It was very exciting to meet other authors and students from IIN. There was so much energy in that auditorium! Each one of us has a unique story to tell.  It was an important reminder to engage in conversation with others when you can. Ask questions and then listen.

View from stage at the Lincoln Jazz Center (don’t tell that I snuck out my iPhone for a quick pic)


The second book is Expecting the Good: Inspiration from a Badass with a Big Heart. This is a tribute to my stepfather, Jean-Luc Nash, who died unexpectedly from a heart attack.  In a way, I took a 180 on this regarding the book audience.

It’s basically a reflection on the impact he had with our family, the community, and our country.  He inspired us all to improve ourselves, not be afraid to try new things, explore, and have the courage to do what is right at any given moment.

I reached out to one of his fellow West Point classmates, Keith Huber (retired Lt. General), and he didn’t hesitate to help Jean-Luc’s daughter by writing the forward for the book. To be honest, I was nervous to ask him in the first place.

Jean-Luc’s uniforms were donated to the University of West Florida, near Pensacola. Those uniforms will be used for the Desert Storm display at their museum. His 82nd Airborne uniform will be placed on a mannequin with an open parachute overhead (not sure how much room there will be). This is a great way to honor him.

The book has done well on Amazon and was in the Top 100 for Military Family Books for several months. It is currently available at Walmart.com and Barnes & Noble, not just online at Amazon.

The plan is to donate 20% of the net proceeds to a non-profit for Veterans – the DAV.org (Disabled American Veterans). Tomorrow I’m meeting with the local Atlanta DAV main contact so we can develop a promotion for the book. They thanked me for the persistence and I’m glad that persistence is viewed positively.

My ask:  I’d appreciate if you’d share this content with others.

My biggest takeaway is to keep learning. Especially learn from any mistakes. No more excuses.

What do you want to accomplish? It’s your turn. 


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