"You Always Look Happy"

My neighbor said this to me while walking my dogs this afternoon and he seemed a bit irritated by it. Guess I was smiling again. My day wasn’t great but I was thinking happy thoughts while doing one of my favorite things…walking outside.

It is not my nature to dwell on the negative. Yes, I certainly have had my share of negative events in my life, but I had faith and hope that those situations would be resolved on a positive note. I don’t look at life with rose-colored glasses or live life on the edge, but basically don’t see the point of re-hashing bad events all the time. Learn from it and look forward is my advice.

There are certain people in my life that I veer away from because they are pessimistic and always focus on the negative aspect. I feel so drained after spending time with them. There must be one or two people in your life like that.

You control your attitude and the events in your life unfold from that. It’s your choice. I’d rather be caught smiling. 🙂


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