Adjusting The Wind in Your Sails

Life is a lot like sailing where your success can depend on adjusting the wind in your sails at the right moments. Some days it is fun and exciting because the wind is in your favor. Then there are days where the wind is not in your favor – there is no momentum or the wind is too strong and hard – making any adjustment very difficult.

Sailing is great analogy but in reality isn’t that simple to implement.  You can’t sail a boat alone; you need a captain and a crew.  Surround yourself with the right people (your crew) and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

You will attract a supportive crew by treating others with respect, kindness and integrity. Setting a positive example for others, especially my children, has always been one of my main goals each year. I’ve certainly had my share of challenges over the years and my crew helped make those life adjustments more attainable.

My mother-in-law loved to sail so much, she retired and sailed around the Caribbean with her husband for 7 years before she passed away. How she lived life is inspiring indeed. It was this exposure to the sailing lifestyle that made me better understand how to navigate life and remain optimistic. Apparently I like the sailing analogy and used it for another blog post last year Let’s Go Sailing.

I’ve read and heard a lot of complaints about how bad 2016 was. A lot of negativity out there. That doesn’t solve anything really. My 2016 wasn’t that “bad” but more like my momentum was slowed down, the wind kind of went away. Without going into details, several people died in 2016 that I was close with. Three of the deaths were within 60 days of each other, starting with my stepfather. It’s part of life where that unexpected wind shift happens.

What if you want to change the direction of the wind?  Is this even possible?  It’s kind of the situation my mother is in now.  She lost her husband, a critical person in her life. Thankfully she has continued to connect with friends, not isolating herself, and trying to determine the right direction for her.

We’re all planning and charting the intended course for the next year. Many are writing their New Year’s resolutions right now.  Just remember that its normal for the wind direction to change and that it’s okay to shift direction when necessary. Your resolutions are simply a guide.

I like to view the upcoming year as another adventure. For 2017, my sails will be adjusted when necessary and will make sure to reach out to the crew sooner rather than later.

Best of luck on your next journey!



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