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Be Thankful and Make it Count

Life can be a great adventure or seem burdensome. Or something in between. There is a lot of advice out there about following your passion. But not everyone knows what they want. This is really about embracing empowerment and defining success in your own terms.  Everything you do is basically

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Reminders for November

Fall is a beautiful season and the month of November is up there as one of my favorite months. It gives off some cozy vibes, right?  As we embrace those cozy vibes, it’s important to remember that your health and well-being should remain a top priority. Here are some gentle nudges to keep

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Today Matters

I recently discovered one of John Maxwell’s books, Today Matters. He has written a lot of great books with a focus mostly on leadership and personal growth. Being open to “continually learning” is important to me. And reading books is a popular learning method. Here are some great #leadership quotes from the

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Life-changing Fixes to Bad Health Habits

Article contributed by Roane Juliano For the second year in a row, American life expectancy has been reduced to 76.1 years. This information may be disappointing, but it’s not surprising, given the state of the American healthcare system. And there are 23.5 million Americans that live in food deserts, areas where it

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Live a little

I like to view life as an adventure waiting to be embraced. Breaking from routines and seeking adventure is essential not only for a fulfilling and vibrant life but it also nourishes your spirit with hope and optimism.  Daily routines are comforting, but can become complacent, and you can gradually

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Good advice…from 1999

My last post focused on the importance of being creative in the next phase of life.  Okay, part of getting into a creative mindset includes de-cluttering my office. The goal is to de-clutter at least twice a year.  In one of the boxes, I found a document that was printed from the Netscape browser on

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