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Simple Ways to Work Toward Self-Improvement

This blog post was inspired by Ian Garza of Big On Balance. Do you feel like you’re not quite where you want to be in life? Perhaps you feel like you’re stuck and not sure how to build the life you want. Taking initiative to start on the path to

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5 Ways Seniors Can Live a Happier, More Fulfilled Life

This blog post was inspired by Jason Lewis of Strongwell – an organization with a focus on fitness for Seniors.  The average person now lives to be approximately 77.8 years old. Unfortunately, quality of life tends to decline as age increases for some people. No one can avoid the aging process;

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Photo credit Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Age gracefully

“The trick to aging gracefully is to enjoy it.” ~Unknown   Aging gracefully is a term used a lot that gets my attention. A recent article I read about aging was, How to Age Gracefully; the author is an 80-year-old woman. This provided some inspiration. Now I’m reflecting on the

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Self-Care can Help Reduce the Stress of Running Your Business

You are likely organized and goal oriented if you are a business owner or freelancer. You probably enjoy being a leader, calling the shots and value the knowledge that you’ve earned for your own success. But constant go-getting (aka hustling) can take a toll. Freelancers and small business owners may

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Five practical ways to reduce tension in your household

Guest post by Derek Goodman Many families across the country are dealing with extra tension and stress as they self-isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Know that you’re not alone. It’s essential to address any issues that are causing tension so that you can promote healthy relationships with one another and thrive

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