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Embrace your self-worth

Are women truly supporting each other, or are they inadvertently tripping each other in the hallway of life’s challenges? Rhonda Taylor Parker, author and businesswoman, brings attention to the need for women’s support, self-worth, and resilience in the face of life’s challenges. She was a recent guest on the Real

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Starting a Wellness Business: 9 Tips for Success

This post was inspired by Ted James, Ted Knows Money. Are you thinking about starting your own wellness business? You’re in the right place. Creating a successful wellness business takes hard work, dedication, and time. With the help of the following tips, you can get your business off the ground

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Share the Love ❤️ of Books

This message is brought to you by Brigitte…not AI. Valentine’s Day is known for celebrating love. Book lover here. Did you know that February 14th is also known as International Book Giving Day? And for book lovers, there’s no better way to express our love than by sharing our favorite

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Cancer can be a teacher

Each of us have an epiphany moment that changed your perspective. It changed your life. Breast Cancer diagnosis (twice) and a rare primary brain tumor diagnosis did that for me. Getting outside in nature reminds me to be in the moment. I’m still here and can still do it. Consistent movement, like

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