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The Art of Stillness

Have you ever considered if true happiness might be found in moments of quiet and stillness? Being around books is a way to incorporate stillness moments in my life. I like to peruse the titles on my bookshelf because it’s so quiet.  I was reunited recently with this book, “The Art of Stillness:

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That Blank Page

I’m sure you’re familiar with the blank page analogy. It’s supposed to help you focus. (Thanks for the reminder Seth Godin.)  I like to imagine that a blank page is similar to a map with faint lines, hinting at mountains and rivers, but without details. This represents your life, full of potential paths and

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Nice to Meet You

One of things that brings me joy is music. It makes me smile, dance, and be in the moment.  This week, my husband and I had an amazing experience attending a small concert venue where the talented musician Jonathan Roy and his band captured hearts with a song “Nice to

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How to Be Perfec…t

I’m guilty sometimes of letting the pursuit of perfection hold me back. I recently read a fantastic book, How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question, written by Michael Schur. He’s also the creator of the TV Series The Good Place.  The Good Place is a fantasy-comedy about where humans are sent

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A Story of Running, Love and Hope

Have you ever had your teenage sons volunteer to run a 5K race with you, just two weeks before your major breast cancer surgery? If not, let me tell you, it’s quite the experience.  And it’s not every day that you get to run a race with two teenage boys who

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Creative Zen

Finding moments of tranquility and creative inspiration can be a challenge sometimes in our busy lives. I have learned there is a powerful connection between immersing yourself in nature that can unlock creativity. With its serene beauty, nature also offers a perfect canvas for mindfulness.  Mindfulness involves being fully present in

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