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It’s Cross Country Season

Fall makes many people happy and that alone can benefit your attitude for movement. My favorite time of year to run outside is the Fall. Runners can train better, move faster and experience the richness of Autumn colors. Fall running is also welcome because of the high temperatures and humidity

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Reframing a Situation

I’m glad to re-discover this article, Life-Enhancing Strategy, on my blog from 10 years ago. It’s basically about being grateful (or thankful) for what you have and using a strategy around it. My takeaway is that reflection and/or prayer is a great mental exercise to engage in everyday. Other than family and

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Career Fulfillment Isn’t Just About Success

A white-collar job with at least a five-figure monthly salary is the representation of a fulfilling career for many people. However, now that people are starting to rethink their priorities, it seems this standard is about to change for many. To illustrate, Moneypenny revealed that 93% of professionals are pausing from

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How to Start a Stay-At-Home Business

This post was inspired by Marjorie Jones of Working Class Wow. If you have small children, you know it’s important to be at home and take care of them, but you also want to bring in some money to help your family make ends meet. You can do both by

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Effective Methods to Help Overcome Despair

This guest blog post was written and inspired by Lucille Rosetti of Family tension, financial difficulties, or the loss of a loved one can trigger unbearable grief and feelings of hopelessness. By setting healthy goals, you can rise out of despair and regain contentment. Here are some recommended Methods

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Be Yourself

One of my favorite things to do is listen to music, particularly while cooking or driving. This helps with inspiration and to spark creativity. I heard the song “Be Yourself” again recently and it brought up the importance of to not compare yourself to others.  We are each unique.  And

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