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Life-changing Fixes to Bad Health Habits

Article contributed by Roane Juliano For the second year in a row, American life expectancy has been reduced to 76.1 years. This information may be disappointing, but it’s not surprising, given the state of the American healthcare system. And there are 23.5 million Americans that live in food deserts, areas where it

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Live a little

I like to view life as an adventure waiting to be embraced. Breaking from routines and seeking adventure is essential not only for a fulfilling and vibrant life but it also nourishes your spirit with hope and optimism.  Daily routines are comforting, but can become complacent, and you can gradually

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Good advice…from 1999

My last post focused on the importance of being creative in the next phase of life.  Okay, part of getting into a creative mindset includes de-cluttering my office. The goal is to de-clutter at least twice a year.  In one of the boxes, I found a document that was printed from the Netscape browser on

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What Matters Now

Having a creative mindset is important at this stage in my life. It’s become impossible to ignore the fact that the good days — when I’m feeling great and doing my best work — have common elements. For one thing, they’re intentional. On those days, I’m in the driver’s seat

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Unveiling the Power of Books

In an increasingly digital age, where information is readily available at our fingertips, some people may question the usefulness of books. I firmly believe that books possess a unique power and value that goes beyond mere convenience. As an avid reader myself, I have come to understand that books are

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How are you moving forward?

Every decision and action we take shapes our path ahead. By asking yourself “How are you Moving Forward?” encourages introspection and self-assessment. It opens the door to actively seek opportunities for empowerment and improvement. Life is an ongoing journey of growth and progress, and movement plays a vital role in

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