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Real Things Living Coloring Journal: Add Some color to your life

Real Things Living Coloring Journal will add some color to your life. This simple project will provide some creative space … an opportunity to unwind through writing down your thoughts and coloring the images anyway you want to.

The journaling aspect can boost your confidence because the act of writing down your thoughts allows for mindfulness; and the coloring pages are an easy way to be creative in your busy life. Being creative gives you the ability to express yourself.

Expecting The Good: Inspiration From a Badass With A Big Heart

Are you a badass? Badass is a general term used to describe behavior that is fearless, authentic and compassionate. A badass does not give up. Badasses will always push themselves for the better, no matter how hard it gets. This book is a tribute to Jean-Luc Nash, a badass with a big heart. He was a West Point graduate, Army Ranger, Special Forces Officer, 82nd Airborne Commander, and Defense Attaché.

What people like Jean-Luc Nash do is essential to protecting our country. This allows people like you and me to create, write, pursue our interests – whatever they are – and have the opportunity to make something of ourselves. Jean-Luc made a positive impact by being a great role model for our country, his community, and his family. He inspired us all to improve ourselves, not be afraid to try new things, explore, and have the courage to do what is right at any given moment.

20% of the net proceeds for this book are donated to DAV (Disabled American Veterans)

Real Things: 6 Ways To Embrace Life

Focusing on the real things will help you get the most out of life. So what is the definition of focusing on real things? You live while you’re living because you understand your values and what’s truly important. It doesn’t matter who you are with or what you’re doing, you will always find an inner beauty among everyday things. This inspirational book will help guide you on 6 Ways to Embrace Life. (1) The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things; (2) Do Things That Make You Happy; (3) Keep Things Simple; (4) Try Things You’re Afraid Of; (5) Get to Know Real Food; (6) Real Influences: Connect with the Right Ones.

Quality Book Formula

There’s plenty of advice about how to write a book, and plenty more about marketing one. But what about the crucial step in between the idea and the sale? Producing an excellent book. It’s an Old-World craft that has merged with the latest digital innovations. In Quality Book Formula, Brigitte Cutshall shares the process she created for global clients – professionals who require the highest quality results. She offers advice you can use to plan the production of your own book:

• How to turn your idea into a book
• When to hire outside professionals
• What materials and processes to use

It's Fun To Run

“It’s Fun to Run” is not a book about participating in sports. The goal is to inspire and motivate you to be more active. Being active on a regular basis helps to be in the moment and lead to happiness. The story features Alexis, a girl bored by being inside too much. She finds inspiration from her Aunt who runs regularly and is happy. Alexis is determined to try running outside and ultimately discovers running can be fun and it brings her joy too!

Move For You: Empowering a Healthy, Happy Life Through Exercise

Is the thought of exercise like kryptonite?

Maybe you feel exercise is just another boring thing on your do-to list. Or it’s something you’ll get to eventually—after all the other important things are done. You don’t have to be a superhero or an athlete to add movement into your routine.

Your personal health journey is about finding happiness in movement and the joy in discovering what lightens your heart. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, dancing in your living room, or trying a new activity with a friend, exercise is actually a powerful tool for healing—medicine for the soul. In fact, movement is the spark that sets your inner light shining.

Throughout the pages of Move For You, you’ll discover practical wisdom that turns conventional thought on its head. 

• How facing your fears actually increases your confidence.
• Why slowing down is an essential part of any exercise routine.
• The crucial link between physical activity and emotional health.


My Podcast

Real Things Living Podcast

Resilience. This is what you need to adapt and recover from difficulties in life. Real Things Living focuses on resilience and connection with others. Connection leads to ideas, to solutions, and to overall better health.

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Public Speaking

Empowering others from just Surviving to Thriving.

With a background in business development, marketing and media solutions consulting, I understand the importance of being authentic and providing relevant content to draw the audience in.

The topics I’ve been asked to speak about have been inspirational about dealing with cancer twice; how eating right can help you feel and perform better; and methods for stress management.

I speak for a variety of audiences including businesses, sports organizations, and conferences.  

What to expect working with me:

  • Respond to your request in a prompt manner
  • Review to make sure I understand what you’re after and to set expectations
  • Develop a presentation that meets you and your organizations needs
  • Promote the event on my blog and social media
  • Follow-up after the event for feedback

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Thank you for considering me.


My Courses

The Business of Books

What are the steps between your idea & selling it? Learn the process & tools you need to overcome writer’s block to get your book finished.

This workshop focuses on the elements to develop a publishing plan. How you produce a book is just as important as the writing. You’ll also learn how to avoid mistakes in order to produce a quality book.

How To Make More Time Each Day

A prevalent theme for many people is a feeling of overwhelm or not accomplishing much. As a Wellness Consultant and Health Advocate, the most common question Brigitte has received is “how can I make more time each day?” 

This course provides a simple method that helps busy people, particularly parents, organize and prioritize their days to “make more time.”  Brigitte developed this course into 5 easy lessons.