Are you resting enough?

We all understand that time is our most precious resource. This is one of the reasons as humans we try to cram as much as possible into each day, to include multi-tasking, and avoid resting.

Some claim to be masters at getting stuff done. But this constant pressure can affect you in subtle ways, make you tired, make you exhausted.

Being a little tired sometimes is one thing. Being exhausted is another. This can lead to burnout.  Burnout can lead to health issues, makes it hard to concentrate, makes it hard to be productive. In a lot of cases, burnout can affect your relationships too.

My mother-in-law told me years ago that as she aged, it took her longer to recover from exercise, minor injuries, etc. She knew what it was like to push herself physically and mentally after living on a sailboat for 7 years in the Caribbean after retirement.

This was a lifestyle she wanted and worked hard to attain. She meditated a lot and watched the sunset.  Her sleeping hours definitely increased because her body needed it and she listened.

As I have gotten older, the reality that it takes me longer to recover from things is here. Damn. She was right.

Because of my health issues in the past, getting enough sleep is a priority. I make time to relax and recharge. Yoga and stretching is an important part of my lifestyle. Watching the sunset on a regular basis with my husband is a form of meditation together.

And there’s a reason that yoga and meditation are very popular. It’s because methods like these allow you to rest and can help you recover.

This past week I scheduled a massage since my running mileage has increased while training for the 50th Peachtree 10k road race in Atlanta on the 4th of July.  Extra sleep and yoga just wasn’t enough.

If you notice that you’re more tired than normal, close to running on empty, don’t ignore it. Work on a solution that works for you so you don’t crash.  Let yourself rest.

What tips do you recommend to avoid being over-tired? 


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