Better thinking for better living

How you think affects everything in life. And how you think definitely has an impact on others.

About a month ago, I was offered the opportunity to read and review an advance copy of a new book called “MindGym: Achieve More by Thinking Differently” before being released domestically in the U.S.  So I said why not!

Here’s a great passage from the book that basically sums it all up – “This is your life. You have goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to pursue, milestones you want to reach. To get there, you need to think deliberately and make the right choices day in and day out in order to reach your highest potential.” We get into daily habits, most of them are probably shortcuts because of our hectic lives. Bottom line is to turn the ‘autopilot thinking’ off and be more engaged whenever possible.

The book has a ‘Give your Mind a Workout’ exercise at the end of each chapter. Obviously, each person is going to get something different out of this.  I confirmed that I have optimistic thinking, but not always present in a situation – have the autopilot on a bit too much – and have a tendency to procrastinate. (Who me?) Knowing yourself better will help achieve your goals and be more influential when needed.

The authors (Sebastian Bailey and Octavius Black) summarize the 3 best ways to influence others: (1) HOPE – optimists usually outperform; (2) PASSION – its hard to fake passion and people are drawn to you; and (3) CONNECTION with others.

MindGym is a consulting company (based in the U.K.) for guiding personal and professional development…from individuals and large corporations. I recommend you check out the book and the links below. (The company website also has some whitepapers for free download.)


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