Choosing Hope

A recent visit to the Georgia State Capitol last week was a reminder of the importance of choosing hope. I went as an advocate on behalf of the Cancer Action Network, part of the American Cancer Society. Our goal was to speak with our state legislatures while they were in session.

This day allowed me to meet other advocates and everyone of us had a cancer experience(s), either personally or with a family or friend. I met an amazing woman – Jill Henning – who is dealing with aggressive breast cancer for the second time. It came back less than 5 years later, has metastasized to her lungs and they gave her only 12 months to live. This was devastating news. She wanted to focus on the family, she wanted to be there for her children, and watch them graduate high school at a minimum.

After being accepted into a clinical trial, Jill is still here 18 months later and she’s using her hope to make sure the legislatures continue to help with funding cancer research. She has gone a step further and has been to D.C. as well, and has agreed to be on my podcast, Real Things Living. Yay!! Will share the link when available.

I love her happy attitude and it has energized hope for others too.  This year will be the 5th year since my second breast cancer diagnosis. My youngest was a sophomore in high school at the time, so I definitely can relate to Jill’s situation. (Here’s my open letter about cancer from 2015.)

No one wants to feel fearful. No one wants to worry. 

For those of us who succumb to fear and worry, it can become something of an addition. It’s a trap your mind can fall into when the stakes are high and there’s something important that can be lost.

But fear and worry don’t change the outcome of anything.  The only influence it can have is to make a potentially wonderful day into a dreary one.

When you choose hope, you will choose to be happy. 

What do you choose to be hopeful about?


My podcast (Real Things Living) has been accepted to multiple platforms, to include iTunes and Spotify.

Real Things Living will encourage and inspire you to be more engaged with life and your health. This podcast focuses on real stories about resilience that empower active lifestyles

And I hope you check it out.


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