Coffee Cult Culture

My go-to drinks have always been water and tea. Recently it was recommended that I try BioCoffee by a trusted friend. It is supposed to be “healthy and nutritious” – decaf alkaline coffee with non-dairy creamer and wheatgrass powder. Being organic is touted on the packaging. They want you to drink it for 12 days for the health benefits to kick in. So I did. I felt fantastic all day after one cup. It tastes good. Too good actually.

What the hell is in this stuff that got me so energized and makes me crave it? Didn’t seem the same as a caffeine buzz. My family commented on it too – my speech was faster for example.

These are the listed ingredients: Instant Decaf Arabica Coffee Powder, Non-Dairy Creamer (glucose syrup from tapioca starch & vegetable fat from palm kernel), Oligosaccharide (from chicory root) and Wheatgrass Powder. 78 total calories per sachet.

So I had to “Google” Oligosaccharide – it is basically a simple sugar that has a lot of undigested fiber. Code for helping you clean out your bowels. Apparently you can buy oligosaccharides on Amazon too based on my Google quest.

It is important to be careful about what is put in my mouth as a 2-time cancer ‘survivor.’ I’m far from a coffee expert, but it would be better to drink Swiss Water processed decaffeinated coffee. If decaf coffee is not labeled as Swiss Water process, then chemicals were used to strip the caffeine from the beans.

I experimented with organic decaf coffee (Swiss Water process) from Peru – added wheatgrass powder and some almond milk. It tastes good to me, but don’t get that same BioCoffee brand energized feel. Missing that “oligosaccharide” I guess.

Nice marketing. But they should switch the type of decaf coffee used to make it a better story.



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