Cookie Pusher

I avoid talking politics but like to read about it. Did you see the headline a couple of weeks ago that Sarah Palin brought dozens of cookies to a school at one of her Pennsylvania stops?  This was supposed to be a slap to Pennsylvania’s efforts for kids to eat healthier and Michelle Obama’s eat healthy campaign.  Not really.

Sarah thinks the Pennsylvania State Board of Education shouldn’t create guidelines on how may sweets can be brought to school parties, and want to limit birthday and holiday celebrations.   This is to be voted on in early spring.   I’m not a huge fan of hers, but totally agree that you shouldn’t legislate something like this.

On a another note, the Senate did pass a $4.5 billion Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act in August, which would increase children’s access to federal nutrition programs.  Supporters of the bill say it will significantly improve the nutritional quality of school lunches by upgrading menus and ban certain “junk” food from lunch lines.  There are many who worry about paying for this.  It’s sitting now in the House waiting for action.

Many headlines don’t have much to do with the article content, but gets your attention to read it in the first place. Crazy Cookie pusher.


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