Designing a Healthy Lifestyle

Health doesn’t come from taking medicine. It comes from laughter and love. It comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart and the soul.

The lifestyle you have is important and has a powerful effect on your health.

I shared a survey earlier this Fall to find out what was important to you regarding health. (Here’s the link again if you didn’t participate and want to.) Thank you to those for helping out!

The majority of those who answered are parents. We aren’t consistent with exercise, time management, or self-care; energy levels are low and not getting enough sleep; feel overwhelmed a lot; and not focusing on what’s important…reacting rather than being proactive. Do you see yourself in any of those scenarios? I certainly do.

I chose to make major lifestyle changes after dealing with cancer and a brain tumor diagnosis. Being proactive reduces the chance of cancer returning. (Prevention is a common term you hear; I prefer “proactive” because it’s more positive.)

Everyone wants to have a healthier lifestyle but can get thrown off track on a regular basis. It happens to all of us.  And you don’t have to work harder to live better (healthier), it’s more a matter of design.

The message going forward in my writing can be summed up in one sentence:

  • Help families focus on what’s important by engaging them in a real and proactive lifestyle.

The problem I’m trying to solve:

  • Help families design a healthy lifestyle.

We know that we should eat better, move more, stress less, and get enough sleep. I fall off the wagon too sometimes and crave dark chocolate when feeling stressed.  (I reference the need to amp-up my magnesium intake to help improve bone density if caught eating lots of dark chocolate.)

Let’s work on designing a proactive lifestyle to make it happen.  More to come on this. 🙂


P.S. Here’s a book I recommend you check out – The Endeavor – written by Scott Perry. The goal is to help you make a difference. 


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