Doc says I'm normal

My husband begs to differ (sarcasm).

What is the definition of normal? It really all depends on your perspective. It’s that time of year for all my check-ups to happen. My life has been a series of medical check-ups every six months for the past five years. And to be honest, I get a little anxious when the appointments roll around every 6 months.

I used to be a work-a-holic and traveled a lot. My main focus has been my health and my family for these past five years. Nothing matters more than that.

I am fortunate to have an ob/gyn who provides great personal care to her patients. She’s been my doctor for over 16 years, and had breast cancer two years before I was diagnosed; we have a special bond because of that. She left me a message earlier today and wanted to discuss my blood results (from yesterday). My mind was racing and wondered ‘what now…’ (I’ve left out all explicatives I was thinking).

This doctor is the one who has ordered tests and given me bad news from breast cancer to my brain tumor diagnosis. We finally connected after dinner and she said “based on all the blood tests recently done, you are normal.” Whew – It’s nice to hear that!

More check-ups in July…and more good news on the horizon.


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