Don't Forget to Duck!

My reflexes must be slowing down. The plane we were boarding from Boston was behind schedule and full. Over the intercom, the flight attendant was asking all to move quickly and get in our seats as soon as possible. We didn’t have any carry on luggage, but others around us were wielding these big hunks of bags trying to squeeze them into the overhead bins. Nimble me was trying to get out of the way and into my center seat. I forgot to duck.

Wham! I hit my head very hard on the overhead bin. Nice move. My husband laughed. My kids laughed later when they heard what mom did. I saw stars but didn’t have a headache at first. I continued doing my normal business the balance of the week (taking a lot of Tylenol), and attended the memorial for my mother-in-law in the middle of all this.

Long story short, I didn’t rest properly and made my recovery longer than necessary. One of the worst head-aches I’ve ever experienced was 7 days after hitting my head. And most of the classic symptoms of a complex concussion were present.

I haven’t seen the neurologist in over a year, but decided to check in since the headaches were getting worse after a week. A CT scan was done to make sure there wasn’t any bleeding. All normal. Post-concussion syndrome is what the doctor told me. As I was leaving the appointment with the TALL neurologist this morning, he advised me “don’t forget to duck.” No sh*t and thanks for the reminder.

Don’t expect too much out of me the next couple of days. I prescribed myself plenty of R&R this weekend.


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