Embrace the Gray

The worst thing I ever did with my hair was getting a perm in the 80’s. The best thing I have ever done with my hair is to just let it be.

Back in the day I saw older women (like our mothers) dye their hair because gray hair was stigmatized. The culture then considered gray hair as “not pretty.”

Gray hair is not something we should be ashamed of.

Having gray hair is a reminder of the natural aging process. You develop gray hair when the body stops producing a melanin, the pigment that creates your hair color.

During the pandemic, it was a trend to not only binge-watch TV and make bread at home, but to dye your hair “gray”…thanks to the younger generation for making that normal. Women in their 20’s and 30’s have embraced it. (I’ve never been a fan of using chemicals to dye my hair and the cost associated with the upkeep.)

While dealing with my last cancer diagnosis in 2014 (when I was 49), the nurse gave me a heads-up that I would lose all my hair from chemotherapy. She also told me a lot of people have hair grow back as solid gray or grows back very curly. My hair did not come back as solid gray but was very curly. I had an afro for awhile. (Ha! I embrace that too.)

I’m so grateful to have hair again and appreciate the gray hair mixed in with the dark brown now, which looks like highlights. Even Megan (the woman that cuts my hair every 3 months) compliments and recommends that natural approach. This makes me trust her more because she doesn’t push a product or process on me.

Back in February 2021, I was invited to a 50 over 50 photoshoot from a high school friend (Kim Baxley Wilson ~ Ma Belle Amie Photography). So glad that I participated. Having current pictures of myself with gray hair – in my 50’s – wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The best photo taken is used for this post.

Embrace the gray.

It’s okay to feel conflicted about gray hair, and I’m confident others around you think you look great.

What do you love most about your hair?



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