Finding a way to live

“Finding a way to live” can be summarized by acceptance of your situation, adapting and finding the inner strength to find a way forward.

As a follow-up to my last two posts, some headway is being made. The first is regarding the book Expecting the Good: Inspiration from a Badass with a Big Heart. (A tribute to my stepfather.) The USMA (United States Military Academy – aka West Point) bookstore has agreed to sell the book at the bookstore on campus. That is a big win in my mind.

You don’t know unless you ask, right?

Part of health advocacy includes helping those that are disabled. The plan is to donate 20% of the net proceeds of all book sales of Expecting the Good to a Veteran non-profit – the (Disabled American Veterans).

I recently met with the local Atlanta DAV office and they were excited to discuss the book I wrote and that some of the proceeds will be donated to their organization. They thanked me for the persistence and I’m glad that persistence is viewed positively.  (I also learned that all employees of the DAV are disabled in some way.)

The other post was about health advocacy on behalf of ACS CAN (American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network).  Choosing Hope was the subject and some amazing people have been met along the way.  It’s all in your mindset and that affects your attitude.

The person that stood out the most to me that day at the Georgia Capital is Jill Henning, which I mentioned in the blog post. She’s an example of someone who adapted to a major life-changing event using her inner strength and found a way to move forward.  Jill is a powerful voice with a lot of passion. Her motivation is to be the voice for those who don’t have a voice, and her advocacy for continued cancer research is laying the groundwork for others.

Jill Henning was given 12 months to live after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that spread to her lungs. That diagnosis was 18 months ago and she’s extremely thankful to be part of a clinical trial which will last another 6 months.

Here’s the link to listen to our conversation Finding a Way to Live with Jill Henning on my podcast, Real Things Living. She mentions that part of grieving is acceptance, adapting and find a way forward. Her hope helped her find a way to live and she’s grateful to still be here.   (here is the Apple Podcast link)

And I’m grateful to have had a conversation with Jill and share her story on this platform.

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