Get Up and Live

Stop the presses. Being a couch potato isn’t good for you. 

We all know that regular exercise is good for us. It reduces your blood pressure, helps improve lung function, which in turn helps the heart.

There is a lot of info out there on what the best exercises are. It’s really up to you. I recommend to do an activity that you enjoy, something you will stick with and that makes you happy. 

Keep it simple. At a minimum, start by making time to walk each day. In little steps ~ meaning you can create a consistent habit from it for the long-term.  

Those who know me, know that I’m a walk-a-holic and regular runner. Doing these activities not only increases endorphins (feel good hormones), it opens up the blood vessels and helps decrease blood pressure. I feel so good afterward. 

And I also choose to continue to move (like running) because I still can after three personal cancer experiences.

My niece shared several times that seeing her Aunt be consistent with running was inspiring to her. 💖 That feedback and the decades of a running habit motivated me to publish my first children’s book,  It’s Fun to Run.


A new video clip was created and dedicated to Hannah Keels. Hannah dealt with Stage 4 breast cancer for about 6 years; it metastasized to her brain, and she passed away last week. 

Hannah and her husband, Chuck, were guests on the Real Things Living podcast almost exactly 1 year ago today. All three of us agreed that one of  the main pillars of life is to move your body. Here’s the link for the video clip – Get Up and Live

They shared their love story, were both Stage 4 cancer survivors at the time of our conversation; 3 months after meeting they got married on January 1, 2020; started Living Hope Cancer Foundation, and co-wrote Get Up and Live. Their focus is to encourage others to live with a hope bigger than life.

Hannah had such a beautiful soul. You will be missed and your spirit will live on.


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