Google gets it

Did you know that Google and Amazon allow their employees to bring their pets to the office? Only a few companies do that. Having a dog around the office can have a positive affect on the work environment by counteracting stress. Google has its pet policy written into its Code of Conduct: “Dog Policy: Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture.”  Wonder if there are any openings there?

Pets, especially dogs, can also play a big role in relieving depression or anxiety and be “ambassadors of goodwill” in their role as therapy companions. Examples of this are therapy dogs used for military personnel to help with PTSD, and to helping the Newtown community and children after the Sandy Hook school shootings. This made a big difference in the lives of many children who were having a rough time after. They were able to smile again after spending time with the specially trained dogs.

As I have posted before, I walk daily with my dogs.  Walking in the woods with them is a form of relaxation and meditation. This makes me feel better and helps boost my thoughts – from creativity to planning and scheduling – and definitely connects me with the environment and others around me. My dogs also help me appreciate the simple things and remind me to live each day with joy and humor. My children have been raised around dogs and receive this daily gift as well.

To those that don’t want to “deal” with taking care of an animal on a daily basis, you can at least visit with a friend who has one.

Bottom line – being around animals show us how to be our best selves. They are always in the moment, literally sticking their noses into everything. It’s a world we take for granted, one that we’re usually passing through too fast on our way to somewhere we never quite reach.

And my Great Pyrenees, Bebe, is enthusiastic about car rides too.




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