Gratitude Changes Your Attitude

Gratitude is a word that holds a lot of power. All things are possible through gratitude because it encourages you to move forward.

Before my two cancer diagnoses, many things in my life were taken for granted. Dealing with those unexpected health issues changed my perspective and allows me to be grateful for what I have and accomplish each day.

Most of us (even those of us who “know better”) waste a lot of time thinking that life will be happier when we have a better job. When we move into a bigger house. When we free ourselves from debt. When we have more free time. When we lose weight. When we start our own business. When we recover from a particular illness or whatever else it is we think needs to change.

The situations in our lives—both positive and negative—can have a significant impact on us. What matters is how we react to these circumstances. Happiness is a choice in a particular moment, and you can have it regardless whether your situation is “ideal” or not. In other words, to create a real sense of accomplishment in life, we need to teach ourselves how to appreciate what we already have.

Finding peace and joy in the simple (and real) things in life doesn’t depend on our ability to acquire as many things as we can. Gratitude is about learning to achieve and create serenity in life “as it is.” It’s important for us to remember that enthusiasm, happiness, and achievement don’t really come from life itself; rather, it comes from us and our ability to acknowledge, appreciate and enjoy what we already have.

By paying more attention and appreciating what we already have and less worrying about what we don’t have, we can create a sense of tranquility and joyfulness in our lives, our family, our job, and our relationships.

How do you create this change in mindset to one of gratitude?  It takes practice. One action you can take is write a letter to someone that had a positive influence in your life. You can go one step further and read the gratitude letter out loud to them.  When writing my first book, I let certain people know about their positive influence in my life and asked for feedback to use in my book. Or take a 21-day challenge without complaining, gossiping or criticizing. Keep track of each day in a journal.

Start now. Take notice and appreciate each day. My husband and I make it a point to watch the sunset together whenever possible. Have gratitude for those daily experiences instead of waiting for an experience to feel grateful.

Have an attitude of gratitude.



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