Hip-Hop Peloton is a Thing

Live while you’re living.

One of my recent posts referenced how we should mix-it-up with exercise, cross training benefits (even when you’re 50+). Doing the same thing over and over – repetitive – can overwork certain aspects of our body and cause an injury.

As a runner, I mix in yoga and lift light weights.  I also re-joined the local YMCA to have access to their pool (my doctor recommended I swim more).  To be honest, I’m not a fan of swimming laps in a pool, and only do it once a week.

I did notice there were several Peloton bikes as I was leaving the Y last week. For those who aren’t familiar with what a Peloton bike is, it is basically a special indoor bike with a small TV (monitor) where you can live stream cycling classes. They also record each class and you can view any of the classes at a later time (on demand). You need to have a “Peloton account” to access those classes, regardless of livestream or recorded.

The benefit of the Peloton brand bike is that you can participate in a spin class at home and not attend in person at a local gym. But you have to pay for the bike + a monthly membership for access.

I was able to create a free account because of my Y membership and I was using a Peloton bike at a Y location. Having an account allows you to keep track of your progress and any fitness goals you’re trying to achieve. The woman that helped me adjust the Peloton for my height (I felt stupid because I couldn’t figure it out) is an avid biker and new to running. Well…I can help her with the running part, right?

There were several on demand classes that popped up.  Since I’m not familiar with the Peloton “instructors” and have never participated in a ‘spin class’, I didn’t know what to expect or what class to click on.  The Hip-Hop Peloton class sounded interesting though.

The Hip-Hop Peloton instructor led the class with a variety of hip-hop music to coincide with the cycling.  Actually, cycling to a rhythm definitely helped me when we had to stand and pedal. Oh Lord. My thighs burned at first but again, the music made it go away. It was like dancing and that is something I enjoy.

It definitely was more fun than swimming a few laps. Hopefully, I wasn’t singing out loud at the Y while doing the on demand Hip-Hop Peloton session.

What are your cross training go-to exercises?


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