How You Can Defy the Odds

The month of May is Brain Tumor Awareness month and so far I’m defying the odds as intended.

To defy the odds is to accomplish something that most would presume impossible. The phrase is a reference to gambling; literally it means a person who “defied the odds” said “No” to fate, refusing to be afraid by the high improbability of someone managing to do (accomplish) whatever it was that they did.

This also reflects your attitude. I applaud those that have the attitude to defy the odds in certain circumstances; those people are viewed as outliers.

Defying the odds has been referenced a lot in our current American politics; but the subject of politics is something I’m not too interested in.

My interest lies with defying the odds with a major health issue, like cancer or a brain tumor diagnosis. The best thing you can do for yourself is “due diligence” and research based on whatever you’re diagnosed with, and look at all options available. Don’t settle.

Here is a quick summary of 7 values that I believe helped me (and others) deal with a major health issue. This can be applied to life in general actually.

  1. Don’t believe everything you hear; stats can be flawed, people can be wrong, and you are in charge of “you”
  2. Avoid negative stuff; find your place where you can focus on the good things in your life
  3. Be your own advocate; at least get a 2nd opinion, don’t take anything for face value and ask tough questions
  4. The power of the human spirit can overcome; find inspiration from others who have gone through something similar
  5. You can’t do everything alone; don’t be afraid to ask for help
  6. Staying active will help with physical & mental strength, and overall wellness
  7. The best approach to your health is NOT to constantly look for things to be wrong

I also was recently asked how to “stay on track” during rough times.  My response was don’t isolate yourself from others; being around loved ones (family and friends) helps with the healing process and helps you cope with the situation.

Life, no matter how hard it can be sometimes, is worth living for.  Defy the odds.





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