It matters to this one

Most of you know that I’m a big animal lover. Dogs have always been a part of my life as long as I can remember. And so far in my adult life, we have had 8 dogs and 7 were rescues.

Did you know that over 250,000 shelter animals are euthanized each year in the State of Georgia alone because of overpopulation? That is a sad statistic about the state I live in.

Why does this matter?

When you choose a rescue pet, you have saved a life and do your part in combating pet overpopulation. Rescues can be wonderful, life-long companions if only given the chance.

People often think rescue organizations only take in pets who have health or behavioral problem. This is simply not true. Rescues are filled with dogs (and cats) who would like nothing more than a chance at a happy life and their own family to share it with.

Road Trip Home Animal Rescue is a local non-profit organization based in Acworth, GA. Their mission is “to become the best pet transporter in the State of Georgia with a goal of saving companion animals from life threatening situations, and transporting them to new ‘no kill’ shelters in the Midwest or Northeast where they can be adopted and begin new safe lives.” These states also require pets to be spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter.

I learned about Road Trip Home through my oldest son. He works at a local veterinarian hospital and has helped take care of some of the animals that are rescued for the purpose of being transported out of state. He’s always had a big heart for animals too.

There are also well-being benefits for humans too when you adopt. Dogs require exercise and I walk mine daily; twice a day actually. Walking with them in the woods is relaxing and a form of meditation. This makes me feel better overall and helps boost my thoughts — from creativity to planning — and definitely connects me with the environment and others around me, like the dogs.

Dogs are always sticking their noses into everything because of their curiosity. Watching them do this also helps me appreciate the simple things, and reminds me to live each day with joy and humor.

One of my favorite adoptions is Deke the Chocolate Labrador Retriever. We had him for 10 years and aren’t sure how old he was. We had to say goodbye to him this week. This has been rough to be honest.

Deke was always at my side (I should have named him Shadow), loved to hike with us and was a great running companion. He is with Bebe the Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog now (she passed away 18 months ago); they are chasing deer and squirrels together again.

The love of animals is a common denominator for many people.  For the Love of Dog is another write up I did in regard to pets.

Our adoptions matter. And it won’t be the last.

Deke with Chuck and Bindie from May 2019


As I walked along the seashore, this young boy greeted me.  He was tossing stranded starfish back to the deep blue sea.

I said, “Tell me why you bother, why waste your time this way.  There’s a million stranded starfish, does it matter anyway?”

And he said, “It matters to this one.  It deserves a chance to grow.  It matters to this one, I can’t save them all I know.  But it matters to this one, I’ll return it to the sea.  It matters to this one, and it matters to me.”




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