It’s Cross Country Season

Fall makes many people happy and that alone can benefit your attitude for movement.

My favorite time of year to run outside is the Fall.

Runners can train better, move faster and experience the richness of Autumn colors.

Fall running is also welcome because of the high temperatures and humidity that Summer runs can bring.

Cross Country running was one of the sports I participated in during high school. The timeframe when it was initiated as a school sport was the late 70’s. I’m basically sharing my age now.

Those running experiences on the team is what makes me appreciate and still enjoy outdoor running now.

Cross country running usually takes place during the Fall and Winter. It’s a sport in which teams and individuals run over natural terrain such as dirt or grass. The courses are typically 3 – 6 miles long, on a trail in the woods or open country space, and include hills, flat terrain, and sometimes gravel road and minor obstacles.

Here are some benefits of running in the Fall:

  1. That Summer sweat is going to pay off for any Fall races.
  2. The morning temperatures are much cooler, lower humidity.
  3. A good time to start a new routine by getting outside.
  4. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery. It can provide motivation.
  5. Helps you build a good base for any Winter and Spring races.
  6. Seasonal Treats for yourself – pumpkins, sweet potatoes, blackberries for example – which also adds beneficial nutrition.

Starting to move in the Fall helps build a good foundation for the year.

You don’t have to participate in races or focus on speed. Just go outside for a run or walk to simply explore.


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