Life-Enhancing Strategy

This is a re-post from November 2, 2012.

I’ve seen many posts lately about what people are grateful or thankful for in their lives. Reflection and/or prayer is actually a great mental exercise.

Other than my family and friends, do you know what I’m grateful for today? The experience I had dealing with two major illnesses. That probably sounds weird, but it made me stop and look within myself. This self-reflection helped to understand what was going on with my body to cause that illness and create imbalance with my health. What changes could I make to be more in balance and to be around for my husband and kids? Be grateful for this opportunity.

These days we are bombarded with different ideas of achieving health, from traditional to alternative. In many cases, the scientific evidence confirms and then later contradicts its own conclusions. Eating fat is bad for you…no wait, there are some good fats your body needs. But what are the good fats? This causes some confusion obviously. We really need to stop compartmentalizing our lives and recognize that health, in all its states, is to be in balance.

There is no quick fix for anything and there needs to be maintenance in all areas of life. Eliminate or reduce those things that cause imbalance because eventually it will affect your well-being. Allow some time each day for reflection or prayer. Let’s call it a life-enhancing strategy.



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