Life Stage: What Happened to My June and July?

Seriously, where did June and July go? My reference to June and July reflects on a life stage change.  You can find descriptions of life stages in Greek literature going back to Hippocrates. Basically a life stage is a noticeable change in an individuals life, and sometimes those changes are difficult, sometimes easy.

It’s mid-August now, the Summer of 2016 is almost over and kids are back in school. The Fall semester of college started this week and my sons are trying out “adulting” now.

My youngest is a Freshman and you can see the look of excitement in his eyes. New experiences are ahead! Seeing him smile again makes me happy. To be honest, I haven’t seen him smile much since my step-father (his grandfather) passed away suddenly five weeks before his high school graduation. (Grandpa would be proud and is looking over all of us now.)

We are smiling a lot now too. We’ve basically raised our kids and wonder “what’s next?” What new habits will be developed? All parents go through these phases and stages. You hope you’ve done the right things and set good examples. How did time pass so fast?

I like to compare the stages of life to the four seasons.

Spring is the beginning of a new life. The start of a new world and life full of adventures.  You soak up a lot of knowledge and grow from it. The season of Spring gives the world rain, sun, cool breezes, and warm air. Parents give their children love, food, water, shelter and warmth. The flowers are blooming, the trees extend their branches, and grass grows daily. Children learn something new every day, continue to grow and change in appearance.

Summer can be described as adolescence and early adulthood, somewhat carefree. The time of life that we show our strength, beauty and desire. We gain strength from the bright sky and heat from the sun. Beauty is all around us as the earth absorbs that sunshine of strength. Water feeds that desire…that need to grow for life’s journey ahead; a bumpy road with unknown obstacles and opportunities. We become more self-aware on the way to an unknown destination.

Fall is the stage when we’re supposed to be mature, no longer carefree but responsible. We are wiser now (hopefully), we continue to grow by learning from our mistakes, and strengthen our foundation. Part of reinforcing the foundation is a focus on your family and other important relationships for support. The Fall season is also where nature prepares itself for the next one – Winter.

Winter is the time when things can seem cold, isolated and lonely. If you lived the Fall season in an engaging manner, then the Winter stage won’t seem so daunting. We become more introspective in this season and reflect on the past. Pass your insight and knowledge down to others, children and grandchildren, so your wisdom can help them better prepare for their seasons.

Know that your approach to each season can effect the outcome of the next season. Embrace each one.

Hello September! I look forward to getting to know you better.


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