Love Letters

A budding romance is so intoxicating. You can’t focus on anything else.

I was going through my mom-in-law’s box of photos and discovered some love letters written by her when she was 21. The letters were to her future husband (my father-in-law) and was a side of her we haven’t seen before. The letters were sweet and innocent, yet you can pick-up on the yearning for his attention. She was pining for him, planning picnics, and sending envelopes full of kisses. Kissy-face! Apparently he wrote her letters too, but we haven’t found those.

This made me reminisce when my husband and I first started dating. When we were apart for an extended period of time, it was agonizing. We pined for each other and there were no cell phones or email back then. I saved the letters he wrote to me. They are something very tangible that I cherish.

Writing letters takes effort and a lot of thought; it can be therapeutic for some. You actually have to take time to write it out by hand, address an envelope and physically put the letter in a mailbox. Today everyone sends text messages or emails to each other; all instant communication. This is what we have come to expect…we want it right now.

But anticipation can be so exciting. Like, I can’t wait for some kissy-face with my guy later!


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