Mind your own body

There seems to be a lot of ‘wellness’ fatigue going around. I feel it myself sometimes.

Here’s an interesting opinion article in the New York Times, Smash the Wellness Industry. The author wrote what just about every woman has felt about food and their bodies at some point of their life.

She believes that the wellness industry is part of the diet industry; and the diet industry is “a function of the patriarchal beauty standard under which women either punish themselves to become smaller or are punished for failing to comply, and the stress of this can hurt our health too.”

There are aspects of “the wellness industry” that are good, such as self care and empowerment.

Self care to me includes eating “real food,” exercise, getting enough rest and sleep. Empowerment is about you becoming stronger and more confident through your decisions.

The aspect of “the wellness industry” that bugs me is when we are told how you should feel or look … and you need to buy this or that product. For example, I’ve always been rebellious about not wearing make-up. Who cares if others see my freckles or some flaws as I age.

It is a common opinion that the influencers on social media are one reason why we are bombarded with so many conflicting statements and images of wellness, balance, self care, and luxury: It makes for clickable content. That can suck us into an endless maze of self doubt and striving. In the end, a simpler life guided by moderation and grounded pleasures is not exactly headline material.

Wellness should be a personal journey to include a healthy lifestyle. Health is a state of being and wellness is a state of living.

Health refers to physical, mental and social well-being. Wellness enhances that well-being. You have to figure out what is important, what makes you happy and make the necessary adjustments. We should also promote behaviors that improve community and connection with others.

As summer is wrapping up, I will continue my small act of rebellion by simply taking it easy and enjoy the fact that I am already well enough, good enough, and we are all great just the way we are. You are welcome to join me.

Be kind to yourself and be you.


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