My Favorite Avocado Smoothie Recipe

One of my favorite foods to eat are avocados.  Avocados contain healthy fats and is a recommended healing food. We use avocados a lot with our meals at home. Since I don’t consume dairy (casein protein allergy), adding an avocado to smoothies is a great enhancement. An avocado-based smoothie is literally smoother from the creamy texture.

And I prefer smoothies over juicing. Many people tout the benefits of juicing, but I don’t juice regularly because of these two reasons:

  • I am a bit lazy and dislike cleaning up after juicing. My masticating juicer does a fantastic job, but has a lot of small pieces to clean and keep track of.
  • I don’t like throwing away the pulp. It would be better if the fiber went in my stomach to help with digestion and absorption of phytonutrients.
    • When I do juice, I will use the pulp and eat with some fresh lemon juice squeezed on top… or will make muffins to share.

It’s worth investing in a high performance blender to create great smoothies. The benefit of a high performance blender is its ability to break the cell structure, which then yields a greater increase in the percentage of phytonutrients into the bloodstream when digested.

Phytonutrients are located inside the cells of the skin, seeds and pulp. The more powerful the blender, the greater its ability to help your body in releasing those critical properties.

I’ve played around a lot with different smoothie recipes and want to share my favorite avocado-based smoothie with you.

Avocado Smoothie with Kale
  • 1-1/2 cups of coconut water
  • 1 lemon wedge (1/4 of lemon, remove skin)
  • 1 ripe avocado – remove skin and pit (or half an avocado – you can refrigerate the rest with the pit intact)
  • 2 cups of organic kale or organic spinach (or combo of both)
  • 1 scoop (8 grams) of organic wheatgrass powder. I use Green Superfood (by Amazing Grass).
  • 3 slices of organic raw beets. (I pre-cut these and keep refrigerated in a container.)
    • Sometimes I cook the beets in advance and the use the rest of the beets as a salad topping
  • Option: Add 1 medium organic apple, cored. I leave the skin on.
  • Throw everything in together into a blender (high performance blender recommended) and blend for 2 minutes.

Pour into a glass and enjoy your avocado smoothie!


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