My Take on Salt Confusion

Here we go again about confusing messages from health organizations on what we should eat to be “healthy.” I’m sure you have seen recent headlines about how low-salt diets can actually pose a health hazard now. This is like deja vu regarding the advice on the health hazards of eating too much fat.

I found this great blurb from the Time Magazine article by Alexandra Sifferlin (8/15/2014) regarding salt intake : “Some scientists have argued that public-health messaging encouraging people to significantly cut their sodium and salt consumption is overblown or missing the point—that we should focus less on the salt in the shaker and instead encourage people to eat more whole and non-processed food, since most processed food is full of sodium and since most whole foods contain negligible amounts of naturally occurring sodium.” Amen.

Everyone’s body chemistry is different. Bottom line is to use common sense, eat different types of food in moderation – reduce processed foods in general – and exercise. And don’t stress over keeping track of how many milligrams of salt you just consumed.


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