Not that kind of relationship advice

How many of you have some unfinished ‘business’ with a relative or a close friend? Part of a healthier lifestyle is cleaning up some of that mess in the background. Being healthy is not just eating more broccoli and spinach. The state of your relationships probably affect your well being more than food.

I was never close with my real father due to circumstances beyond my control…he abandoned his family when I was 3 years old and my brother was 7. I don’t know the whole true story behind that but lived most of my youth angry with him. Or I was mad at my mother. You name it. I hid the anger and disappointment well and is probably why I was so involved with sports in school. It helped me to focus on something else and a lot of credit goes to my coaches.

I reached out to my real father when I graduated high school, mostly out of curiosity, and reunited my brother with our father too. I’m thankful we were able to say goodbye to him before his death from cancer 12 years ago. His last words to me was that he was sorry and he loved me. That moment meant a lot and it’s a shame he never got to know his grandchildren.

We all have wounds that need to heal. Reach out to that someone and try to better it if possible. You can simply send a card to say hi, or be in an email relationship, or even a voicemail relationship. Even if you don’t get a response, there is closure on your end. It’s worth it.

There are only so many sunsets too. Don’t live with any regrets because you never know…



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