Re-post: Satisfaction

Happy Valentine’s day! Here’s a repost from February 2011 about how to stay happy or satisfied.

What does it take to keep you satisfied? It is such an important aspect of everyone’s life and there’s nothing more energizing than being satisfied about something.

There are many synonyms for satisfaction…achievement, bliss, comfort, justice, pride, serenity, and vindication are just a few.

We all know that satisfaction, motivation and performance are closely linked. If you aren’t satisfied with your job or participating in an activity/sport you don’t like for example, that will minimize your motivation and your performance will languish. This analogy applies to taking care of your health too.

The classic lyrics by Mick Jagger state “I can’t get no satisfaction”. And if you feel the same way…then it’s time to change it up. Set a goal and outline the changes to make it happen. Change a little bit at a time because too much change at once is hard to maintain.

Many people try to lose weight by cutting back on calories and increasing their exercise at the same time and aren’t satisfied with the results (because they end up gaining weight instead). It is easier to change your diet first…changing the eating habits is key…for at least a month. Then gradually add in an exercise routine.

My youngest son loves to play and watch ice hockey. He isn’t the next Sidney Crosby, but he’s not hesitant to work hard and it shows. There are many others like him that put in a lot of hours practicing. This strong interest he has in hockey might change to something else one day, but he has learned the connection of satisfaction and pursuing something you enjoy.

My husband and I have always told our kids they need to do what interests them (not for someone else), and if they’re passionate about it, the rest will fall into place. Working hard at something won’t feel like work. You will be motivated to perform. Satisfaction.


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