Relationships and Mindful Moments

As I write this, I’m listening to rolling thunder, wind and hard rain from a storm outside, and I’m not concerned for my safety. Some people would be alarmed and worried that they will lose power and internet access or a tree can fall on their house. They are both normal responses and is an example of how people can respond to the same event in different ways.

Being mindful in our life allows us to observe and listen, not react to situations. The shift to mindful awareness is fundamental to better relationships – personal and professional. It guides us to realize that happiness shouldn’t rely on external conditions, especially regarding our relationships. You can be happy in any circumstance.

There are 36 million single people in the US who live a “mindful lifestyle” and share similar values; however, there is no online dating service tailored to their lifestyle where they can connect with other like-minded singles. This captive audience has grown disenchanted with the dating industry; rather than waste time on the next gamified dating app, they want a solution built just for them without all the “noise” found in other services.

I have some single friends, divorced friends and widows who have shared with me the frustration of dating. They have turned to dating sites even though they are a little hesitant to get online.

This is how I learned about MeetMindful. It’s a dating platform that intends to legitimize the mindfulness space beyond meditation apps and has become a leader at the intersection of tech and wellness.

To better understand what my single friends are dealing with, I reached out to the Founder/CEO, Amy Baglan, to learn the “why and how” she jumped into the “dating” industry. Amy became involved with providing mindfulness and relationship advice because she’s been a seeker for as long as she can remember. Always searching for what felt true and authentic. She adopted a mindfulness practice 8 years ago and it changed her life for the better.

Over the years, and a few failed relationships, Amy realized that mindfulness and spiritual practices have become mainstream, yet there still is a huge disconnect in how people approached dating and relationships. She wondered what would happen if we applied the mindfulness principles to love.

Amy personally experienced some of the problems with common dating sites…it’s real and not just a perception. She moved to Denver 5 years ago and only knew one person there at the time. So she jumped on some dating sites – only to discover that that it was very difficult to find others who were into the mindful lifestyle as she was.

When Amy attended yoga and other conscious events, she was surrounded by a like-minded tribe; but on dating sites it was impossible to find these same types of people. It shouldn’t be that hard! The creepy profiles, messages, and behavior that we see in mainstream dating apps is something that women have basically accepted as part of the deal. We shouldn’t have to accept that. She truly believes that we can apply the same principles of wellness in body, mind, and soul in a dating site and have an authentic, more enriching experience.

I commented that mindfulness is associated with idealism and that millennials are extremely idealistic – Amy agreed. The typical MeetMindful member is in their 30’s or 40’s. This reflects the fact that many people turn to mindfulness and spirituality later in life. Amy also confirmed that we’re seeing more people turn to an intentional lifestyle in their 20s, which means they’re turning to services like MeetMindful as well.

Amy doesn’t think their job stops once two people have met. “In a way, this is where our most important work begins. We provide thousands of articles for people at all stages of dating and relationships so they can continue to apply mindfulness to their relationships no matter where they may be on their love journey.”

My single friends appreciate this information and the mindful focus.

Mindfulness is one of the topics brought up in my book “Real Things: 6 Ways to Embrace Life.” Being mindful is a growing trend and not going away anytime soon because there are many benefits for your relationships and overall health. The quality of our life is directly related to our thoughts. Being mindful helps develop your ability to love and live a more meaningful life.

How does your mind feel now?


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