Take Time to Appreciate Your Loved Ones

There’s nothing better than being loved and being around those you love. It makes you feel good, right? We just need to remember to appreciate what we have.

You’ll probably see a lot of stories about how Valentine’s Day originated and there is some dark history connected. But the optimist in me likes to focus on the positive. I’ve written about love before to remind others that life is too short with the post titled Tell It Like It Is.

I want you to pause and reflect on one of your favorite memories that brought you happiness. It could be a memory with your significant other, with your parent, a sibling or a friend.  What was the first thing that popped up?

Since today is Valentine’s Day, the first thing that came to mind is when I first met my significant other.

I was a college student at the time time and was invited to a party by a co-worker.  The decision to accept the invitation included that Kurt would be there, a very tall and cute guy! So I decided to go even though I didn’t feel well. Turns out I had strep throat…but I digress.

Kurt was the one who answered the door and immediately introduced me to “his cousin” from Wisconsin. I believed it because they both were tall and both from Wisconsin.

This new guy was very polite, smiled and shook my hand. Later on, some drunk guy was bugging me and “the cousin” could see that I was uncomfortable. So he decided to intervene, came over and put his arm around me; and told the drunk guy I was his wife and sternly said to leave me alone.

That situation was a bit annoying and I left shortly after that. Of course my car wouldn’t start and had to go back in to ask for help. Kurt and his cousin pushed my car (luckily it was a stick shift) and it started! I remember looking in the rear view mirror and this guy had a huge smile on his face as I drove away.

Kurt’s “cousin” was Carl and I found out later they weren’t related.

It took Carl a couple of weeks to actually ask me out. We married 4 years after that first encounter.  This man has always stood by me, through thick and thin, and very supportive during cancer treatments. A protector.  He is my sunshine that makes my day.

We all have stories to share. What’s your favorite memory of a loved one?

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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