The Confident Reality

The definition of the word “confidence” is a belief in yourself, the conviction that you have the ability to meet life’s challenges, to succeed and to act properly. Being confident requires a realistic  sense of your capabilities and feeling secure in that.

Confidence is not all encompassing in every aspect of your life. You can be confident in some areas and not in others. Projecting confidence helps gain credibility with others and that’s why we look up to those who are confident.

I was guest recently on The Confident Reality podcast. The host, Kate Taylor, asked some amazing questions. I actually reflected and learned about myself in that conversation. It felt like an unexpected therapy session. You can tell that Kate is an amazing Confidence Coach.

Here are the takeaways from the conversation:

  • Stability was needed after our parents divorced, and moved in with my mom and stepfather after graduating high school.
    • Lacking confidence as a teen is not unusual.
  • My stepfather was someone that didn’t judge others and he knew all of us have flaws. He made me feel that I would be okay in the long run.
  • My stepfather had a huge influence on my confidence (and my mother’s confidence) and to embrace who I was, especially as a woman.
  • He was a real-life example of choosing to “do the right thing”
  • Those tough personal experiences produce confidence, resilience and persistence. This supported my business success and dealing with several health issues.
  • Being curious and asking questions helped develop solutions
  • I love the word “hope” – it conveys confidence and trust


Here’s the link to listen on Apple Podcasts – Hope Saved my life and it can save yours.

Check out this article to learn more about “confidence” on Psychology Today.

Have you ever had confidence issues?  Who had a positive impact on your confidence?


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