The Fifth Element

One of the traditional things we do for Thanksgiving weekend is watch some good throwback movies. By throwback I mean “classical” that resonates with the audience.

The Fifth Element was one of those movies we watched again. It’s a fun sci-fi action movie that is set 250 years in the future (23rd century), with the primary plot of saving the Earth and survival of mankind. It becomes the responsibility of a taxi driver (a former Special Forces officer) after a young woman falls into his cab.

An evil force comes to Earth every 5,000 years and the only way to defeat it is using the Five Elements of Life as the weapon.

The standard four elements are physical, related to nature, and is universally agreed to be Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Many ancient cultures differ on what the fifth element is; the most common being about Spirit.

“What’s the use of saving life when you see what you do with it?” The movie explores the problem of corruption ~ misuse of power for personal gain.

What can save mankind from Evil? The Fifth Element turns out to be Love.

Love (aka friendship) guides us to be more empathetic, provides good will, bonds us together through appreciation for others. It’s part of your character…and spirit for life.


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