Upcoming Avalanche of Food Choices

It starts with Halloween.

We didn’t give away all the candy this year because my husband handed it out judiciously and “didn’t want to run out.” I usually give out candy to the trick-or-treaters by the handful, but was busy chauffeuring the socialites I call my children on Halloween night.  The candy bowl is still sitting on the dining room table taunting me.  But I have held up and ignored the call and plan to donate it to the school.

Next up is the Thanksgiving holiday feast.  My husband’s favorite holiday.  Since I have changed my diet drastically this year, I am slowly trying to incorporate it onto my family’s plates as well. Not sure if I can get away with it at Thanksgiving time though.  Turkey is healthy right?  But it only tastes good mixed with buttery mashed potatoes topped with fatty gravy, with a side of stuffing and hot rolls with more butter.  I still plan to make my usual pumpkin pies and homemade whip cream (which I can’t eat), but also will bring a big salad to the family gathering and hopefully won’t be mocked too bad by my nephews.

Thanksgiving is just one day…Christmas time is far worse for those trying to eat healthy because our culture celebrates with food all month-long.  Parties, alcohol, food gifts, lots of cookies, more parties and more alcohol.  I love this time of year of course, but it’s going to be difficult to not over-indulge.

My strategy is to be a stealth diner and disguise my eating goals while out (don’t want to critique or edit the menu), and will simply choose the healthiest items available.


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