When It’s Time to Speak Up

I’m all about motivating and inspiring others toward a path of wellness and I usually know when it’s time to speak up when something seems “off.”

The path to wellness is not the same for everyone. We each have our unique goals and situations; our perspective on life can be different.  For some, life is not always rosy and can be a struggle for many.  How I deal with any struggles encountered will be different than the next person.

Many people ignore their symptoms, ignore the negative consequences of certain behaviors, and ignore their boundaries. This can lead to addiction problems. Addiction is not just through use of alcohol and drugs, but those are the most common.

In a three-year time frame in my small community alone, there have been 6 deaths from drug overdoses by young adults…the same age as my 21-year-old son. It’s a bit shocking and heart-breaking. Did their family members know of the drug use? Most people don’t know how to approach the subject without making the situation worse.

How can you best intervene?

Brad Lamm is the founder of Breathe Life Healing Centers in Los Angeles, author of “How to Help the One You Love,” and specializes in addiction services. He’s about creating “more good, less bad” with families. You can learn more at Intervention.com.

Brad believes it’s all about having a plan and breaking it down into simple, achievable steps – “4 steps to approaching an intervention.” Brad’s plan includes:

  1. Determine if an Intervention Is Needed – Steps to identifying behavior that warrants change
  2. Craft a “Circle of Change” – Bring together the group of people who will work as a team to be part of the intervention
  3. Make a List – make a list of clear examples of his/her actions (rather than just behaviors) that affect their lives and the lives of others
  4. Deliver the Invitation to an Intervention – how to get the person to attend the intervention without forcing the issue. You want him or her to be there at their own free will!

The holidays are considered one of the most stressful times of the year and this stress can trigger some bad behaviors. Brad’s intervention plan is great information to know that can benefit many families and communities.

World Intervention Day is December 14. We should view this as an invitation to create change and help someone. When you start with compassion, you are coming from a place of strength.

Maybe it’s time to speak up.


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