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Health. Everyone is focusing on their ‘health’ these days and that is a great thing. Brain health is one topic you don’t hear or read much about; but brain health is on my mind a lot (no pun intended). My brain received targeted radiation two years ago to treat a tumor and we were concerned about brain function afterward because of the scar tissue by-product. I still focus on brain boosters…eating the ‘right’ diet, physical exercise, doing puzzles, and listening to music.

So is music good for your brain health? Music has always been a big part of my life. Listening to music can evoke feelings that make you feel better and can have a calming effect. We’ve all heard that listening to classical music is the best for brain activity, but I believe any type of music (organized sound) is beneficial. Engaging in the music (playing an instrument or writing) provides even more benefit. I imagine dancing to music fits the criteria of engagement as well.

Based on research, music therapy is often used when someone has suffered from a brain injury. Music therapy can take many forms:

* Rhythmic stimulation to aid movement and walking
* Singing to address speaking and voice quality
* Listening to distracting music to reduce pain
* Music improvisations to address emotional needs
* Listening to calming music to enhance a sense of well-being

I consider myself lucky that my radiation side effects didn’t last too long and were minimal. If interested, here is a great blog about being BrainReady and more information on research that has been done regarding music benefits.
Music for your brain health.


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