Nice to Meet You

One of things that brings me joy is music. It makes me smile, dance, and be in the moment. 

This week, my husband and I had an amazing experience attending a small concert venue where the talented musician Jonathan Roy and his band captured hearts with a song “Nice to Meet You.”

I couldn’t help but reflect on the significance of those simple yet profound words.

We should embrace the sentiment behind “Nice to Meet You.” It’s not just about initial encounters; it’s a reminder to approach every interaction with kindness, respect, and an open heart.

  • Respecting Others. Each person we encounter brings a unique story, perspective, and value to our lives. Let’s honor that diversity by treating everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of differences.
  • Love. Love is the most powerful force for positive change. Let’s cultivate love in our hearts and extend it generously to those around us. Whether it’s through small acts of kindness or just listening to someone, let’s spread love wherever we go.
  • Positive Leadership. True leadership isn’t about authority; it’s about inspiring others to be their best selves. Let’s lead by example, uplifting and empowering those around us to reach their full potential.

This night was definitely uplifting and inspiring.

Let’s carry the spirit of “Nice to Meet You” with us each day. 

Together we can create a world where respect, love, and positive leadership thrive.


Jose Pereira is an example of positive leadership. He shares the harrowing story of being held hostage along with five other executives, known as the CITGO6, amid political tensions between the US and Venezuela in 2017.

Jose and his five colleagues relied on resilience, teamwork, faith, and connection to overcome the ordeal. 

Watch the episode, Resilience Redefined, on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast platform. 

Learn more about him at Jose Pereira.


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